n▓chinopoly in the small

hours and ▓stretched out on a station bench to slee

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p o●ut the night undisturbed.The c●hief of Haywood’s difficulties, however, ▓was still to be overcome, for the only ex●it from the platform was guarded by a Eurasi

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an ●who was sure to call for tickets.It was Mar●ten, given to sudden inspirations, who saved● the day for the New Yorker.As we app●roached the gate, he ran forward and,

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to my▓ astonishment, attempted to force his way throu●gh it without producing his ticket.▓ A Hindu of Madras with caste-mar●k, of cow-dung and coloring-ma●

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tter, on his forehead 295 癜Here! Ticket, please, sahib,” cried ●the Eurasian. “Oh! Go to th▓e devil!” growled Marten. ▓ “Ticket! Where is your ticket Sto

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p!” ● Marten pushed the collector aside and● stepped out. “Ah!” screeche▓d the official, “I know! You haven●’t any ticket.You stole your ●ride.Come back,

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or I’ll call a policeman.▓” The man of inspiration sprang at the h●alf-breed with a savage snar▓l and grasped him by the collar. “What▓ in hell do you m

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ean by saying I haven’t an▓y ticket I’ll break your hea●d.” “But I know you haven’t,” persisted t▓he collector, though somewhat meekly. “D●o you think that sahibs travel w●ithout tickets” roared Marten, d●rawing the bit of cardboard from his pocket.▓“Take your bloody ticket, but don’t ever t▓ell a sahib again t

his rides.” The Eurasian stre▓tched out a hand to me, mumbling an apolo●gy, but was so overcome with fear and the ●dread of accusing another innocent sa●hib that Haywood stepped out● behind us unchallenged. We wer●e waylaid by a peregrinating barb▓er, and took turns in squatting on our heels for▓ a quick shave and a slap in the face with a ●damp cloth.The service cost two pice (one ●cent).The barber was, perhaps, twelve years ol●d, but an American “tonsorialis●t” would have gasped at the dexterity wi●th which he manipulated his razo▓r, as he would have wondered at several lo●ng, slim instruments, not unlike h●a


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t pins,

which he rolled up in his ●kit as he finished.These were tools rarely e●mploye

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d on sah

ibs, but no native would ●consider a shave complete until his ears ▓had been c

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ith one of them. ▓ The city of Trichinopoly was some miles ●distant from the

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